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What are the benfits of the package?Wallan Free Library

  • It establishes for the first time a simple, consistent and effective ‘bottom-up’ planning tool that informs service and facility planners from all levels of government and the private sector”;
  • It provides a means of avoiding the often ad-hoc community infrastructure planning of the past;
  • It provides a true forward planning / predictive modeling tool through the application of small area population projection data;
  • It provides a framework which leads to:

       better resource allocation and decision making;
       common discourse;
       further benchmark / guideline analysis and development; and
       comparable analysis (intra-service)

  • Leads to locally responsive service provision that better meets the needs of any given area; and
  • Identifies issues for further research.

Who is the eSPP aimed at?

The eSPP is a must for anyone wanting to undertake effective community infrastructure assessment and / or planning. The eSPP is particularly useful for:

  • Local Government strategic, social, recreation and open space planners;
  • non-government agencies;
  • State Government departments;
  • peak bodies representing the social and recreation sectors; and
  • prospective private operators such as those seeking to establish child care centres and nursing homes.

What does the eSPP allow you to do?Events Centre

The eSPP allows you to:

  • project future community infrastructure requirements for defined geographic areas;
  • benchmark and compare service and facility provision in different communities;
  • take photos of your community infrastructure and simply insert them into the eSPP;
  • define the services and facilities that most interest your organisation;
  • define what data you want to collect about a service or facility;
  • collect qualitative information about issues affecting service providers;
  • identify the catchment of services and facilities;
  • determine your own desired benchmarks for services and facilities;
  • clearly articulate planning guidelines & processes associated with each service or facility;
  • describe the key characteristics of your communities (neighbourhoods, precincts etc);
  • view projected population changes to your communities (neighbourhoods, precincts etc);
  • track historical information about the utilisation of services and facilities; and
  • collate qualitative information about services and facilities in your different communities.
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