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How to develop your own eSPP?Woodville Primary School

The eSPP structure can be readily applied to all local government areas or multi-service structures (e.g. primary care partnerships – PCP’s) and used as the basis for their social, recreational or open space assessment and planning processes. This can be achieved in the following manner:

  • Organisation decides which services and facilities it wishes to incorporate into its own eSPP.
  • Category descriptions for each service & facility remains the same (variations may obviously be incorporated according to need of the organisation).
  • Planning guidelines for each service and facility are identified and applied for assessment purposes. Many of these may be State and Federal responsibilities but it is very important for councils and other local agencies to understand what they are. There may be a requirement for the Council to identify its own guidelines and benchmarks where they do not exist.
  • Organisation identifies its various precincts (or neighbourhoods) based on ABS Census Collection District (CCD) Areas.
  • Relevant data (e.g. Census & Centrelink) is extracted by the defined precinct areas.
  • Service & facility mapping is undertaken by the organisation and presented by each defined precinct area.
  • Organisation undertakes (if resources are available) small area population projections; again based on defined precinct areas. If these projections are not provided alternative (but not as detailed) data may be obtained from the Department of Infrastructure (DOI) and / or the ABS.
  • If small area population projection data is available then an assessment of future demand for services and facilities can be undertaken.
  • Service mapping and demographic data is collected, brought together and presented in such a way as to give the user a sense of the “reach” of each service or facility (i.e., the extent to which a service or facility is reaching its target population).

potential eSPP application environments

The output of the eSPP can provide a powerful and informed basis for many of your organisations most important processes and plans, including:

  • Capital Works Program Development;
  • Recurrent Resource Planning & Allocation;
  • Vertical & Horizontal Community Infrastructure Planning:

     Service Specific Strategic Plan (e.g. preschools);
     Multi service strategic planning (e.g. aged care strategy);
     Land Use Masterplanning (township / retail strip redevelopment); and
     Local Area Planning (e.g. Local Structure Plans & Outline Development Plans).

  • Development Contributions Planning;
  • Submission preparation; and
  • Assisting with State & Federal Government Requirements (e.g. Best Value).

Data collection services

ASR Research can assist you with collecting and inserting much of the data necessary to ensure your organisation gets the most from the online eSPP.

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